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Year of Production: Feb. 2006
Playing Time: 00:19:20
Catalogue Number: RSS6479_3

In this masterclass about oboe technique, Schellenberger proposes several exercises to improve the sound.

The student practices it looking to the mirror and changing the articulation. It is necessary to improve the contact with the embouchure and the creation of the sound.

Another exercise suggested - to practice the attacks - consists on searching for a better position of the embouchure and the more suitable movement of the tongue to get a better sound. The body must remain still and focusing on the pressure. The tuning should be stable, even though the articulation's change (legato/staccato). Besides, it is important to maintain always a good support.

Then, the professor compares the role of the tongue (playing the oboe) with the role of the bow (playing the violin).

To conclude, they work again on the attack regarding the speed of the tongue movement and trying to keep static both the mouth and the jaw.

Part 1

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