MASTERCLASS WITH FRANS HELMERSON - CASSADO, G.: Suite for Cello Solo: I. Preludio - Fantasia


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- (Disc 1)

Cassado, Gaspar - Composer
Suite for Cello Solo

Lecturer/Cello: Helmerson, Frans

Year of Production: Dec. 2010
Playing Time: 00:11:44
Catalogue Number: RSS7685_1

This masterclass begins with a brief tempo correction. Then Prof. Helmerson encourages the student to go ahead: she needs to 'provoke' her technique instead of following her technique. About tuning, Frans Helmerson suggests how to place the fingers so that the D flat sounds not so high. Besides, the student should find the more suitable vibrato for a certain passage. Other passage requires a sound with more rhythm. For playing the end of the movement, Helmerson proposes a fingering change.

Coming back to the beginning of the Prelude, the professor corrects the movement of the right arm and the position of the elbow in the first chord. Besides, it should be played not as singing, but as talking.

In general, the student presses too much the wrist down when she is playing powerful passages. Rather than this, Prof. Helmerson recommends her to maintain the wrist more stable otherwise she will lose strength in the fingers and feeling of contact. In the professor's opinion, it is related to the arm and fingers' position and not to the shoulders' position - as the student mentions.

Part 1

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