MASTERCLASS WITH FRANS HELMERSON - GRIEG, E.: Cello Sonata, Op. 36: II. Andante molto tranquillo


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- (Disc 1)

Grieg, Edvard - Composer
Cello Sonata in A Minor, Op. 36

Lecturer/Cello: Helmerson, Frans

Year of Production: Dec. 2010
Playing Time: 00:43:03
Catalogue Number: RSS7698_1

In this masterclass, they first work on the better way to grab the bow, the elbow movement, and the pressure and contact with the string taking into account the physical conditions of the student. Then, Professor Helmerson makes some corrections about musical aspects such as the harmony, dynamics, fingering, rhythm, vibrato, bowings, articulation and character. About the end, Helmerson recommends not to play so slowly the last two arpeggios because the next movement is played attaca and she should keep in mind how to finish this second movement.

Part 1

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