MASTERCLASS WITH KOLJA BLACHER - MOZART, W.A.: Violin Concerto No. 4: I. Allegro (violin and piano reduction)


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- (Disc 1)

Violin Concerto No. 4 in D Major, K. 218

Lecturer/Violin: Blacher, Kolja

Year of Production: May 2006
Playing Time: 00:14:14
Catalogue Number: RSS8479_3

In this masterclass they mainly work on articulation to get a better sound quality.

Articulation should be clear and to achieve this clarity while playing the repeating notes, Professor Blacher suggests making shorter the first one.

Regarding dynamics and fingerings, Professor Blacher advises the student to use the score: analyzing the orchestra part, so she could get her own conclusions.

To finish, Koljia Blacher makes some indications regarding harmony and accents.

Part 1

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