MASTERCLASS WITH TSUYOSHI TSUTSUMI - CHOPIN, F.: Introduction and Polonaise brillante, Op. 3


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Chopin, Fryderyk - Composer
Introduction and Polonaise brillante in C Major, Op. 3 (arr. L. Rose for cello and piano)

Lecturer/Cello: Tsutsumi, Tsuyoshi

Year of Production: July 2006
Playing Time: 00:35:08
Catalogue Number: RSS8498_1

Professor Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi comments the tempo of the work after the student's performance. Tsutsumi advices him not to waste the energy of the bow hand beforehand. The intention of the sound has to be shown at the right moment.

The student can sing the smaller notes and do it more fluent, enjoying it while playing.

The professor proposes some bowing changes, e. g., in the Polonesa theme, the second time it appears, the bowings have to be separated because it is a persistent music. They work on shifting the harmonics to get a more reliable position.

All the changes have to be anticipated with enough time. This way, the musical discourse is a continuous process.

Finally, fingerings, bow pressure, quality of sound in chords when the whole bow is working and the need to listen to himself are also aspects commented by Professor Tsutsumi during the class.

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