MASTERCLASS WITH HARTMUT HOLL - STRAUSS, R.: 8 Gedichte aus Letzte Blatter: No. 1. Zueignung


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- (Disc 1)

Strauss, Richard - Composer
8 Gedichte aus Letzte Blatter, Op. 10, TrV 141

Lecturer: Holl, Hartmut

Year of Production: April 2011
Playing Time: 00:18:44
Catalogue Number: RSS8797_2

In general, the student's performance was too much restrained, and Holl considers that it should be more 'pathetic' and express more feelings depending on the lyrics. After some indications about dynamics and pronunciation, Professor Holl works with the pianist. He also recommends the student to change her corporal position and voice color according to each song.

Afterwards, Prof. Holl works on rhythm and tempo issues and he gives some final indications about the articulation following the words pronunciation.

Part 1

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