MASTERCLASS WITH HARTMUT HOLL - STRAUSS, R.: 8 Gedichte aus Letzte Blatter: No. 3. Die Nach


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- (Disc 1)

Strauss, Richard - Composer
8 Gedichte aus Letzte Blatter, Op. 10, TrV 141

Lecturer/Piano: Holl, Hartmut

Year of Production: April 2011
Playing Time: 00:32:08
Catalogue Number: RSS8797_3

Professor Holl advises the student to relax herself at the end of a song and to take some time before she starts the next one, so that she gets to the required mental and physical state. Afterwards they work on expressive aspects of the lyrics.

Prof. Holl also mentions some exercises of the Stanislavski Method and then he makes some comments on air emission, dynamics, accents and phrasing, energy and breathing, etc. The key is to create vital situations. Finally, Hartmut Holl insists on what a lied is: a moment in life that must be created in a personal and natural way.

Part 1

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