MASTERCLASS WITH KLAUS THUNEMANN - VILLA-LOBOS, H.: Bachianas brasileiras No. 6: II. Fantasia


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- (Disc 1)

Year of Production: Nov. 2006
Playing Time: 00:22:26
Catalogue Number: RSS9027_2

Klaus Thunemann begins making a comment about the difficulty of turning the page between movements. The character is dancing and light (related to articulation). Then Thunemann makes comments about tuning.
Regarding the phrasing, Fantasia implies an introduction, like a cadence. Afterwards they work on accents and breathing issues.

Regarding the rhythm and the tempi, Professor Thunemann makes also some suggestions and then he focuses on the rapport: it is important to breathe together. Furthermore, they work on musical aspects related to articulations and dynamics and they look over the end of the movement.

Part 1

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