MASTERCLASS WITH TOM KRAUSE - MONIUSZKO, S.: Haunted Manor (The), Act II: Biegnie sluchac w lasy [Opera]


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- (Disc 1)

Straszny dwor (The Haunted Manor)

Lecturer: Krause, Tom

Year of Production: Jan. 2007
Playing Time: 00:09:30
Catalogue Number: RSS9716_1

Professor Tom Krause talks about Moniusz' opera The Haunted Manor: the plot is about a migrant Polish family in the American Midwest. Regarding the student's attitude, Krause comments that she should release all tension. They work on several aspects of vocal technique: the pronunciation of the vowels "o" and "u", the voice support - which must be higher, and the way to pronounce the "t", thinking in an "h" before. The student has to be aware of the tempo, which is 'piu mosso'.

Professor Krause always insists on the idea that imagination and pictures created in their minds can help to focus a character. In this case, the student can imagine she is a large person, with a big head and an enormous body. He also comments that Polish is a very interesting language from a musical point of view.

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