MASTERCLASS WITH DIEMUT POPPEN - BACH, J.S.: Viola da Gamba Sonata, BWV 1028: II. Allegro


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- (Disc 1)

Viola da Gamba Sonata in D Major, BWV 1028

Lecturer/Viola: Poppen, Diemut

Year of Production: Jan. 2007
Playing Time: 00:18:41
Catalogue Number: RSS9752_2

This masterclass begins with short dynamical corrections. Afterwards, Professor Diemut Poppen points out that the left hand - especially the thumb - has a bad position, and there are some notes out of tune because of a wrong fingering.

They also deal with bowing issues related to articulation and phrasing. Professor Poppen also advises the student to practice slowly in order to improve the attunement of the intervals and she recommends her to take care of the articulation.

Finally, they work on phrasing regarding the harmony of each passage.

Part 1

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