MASTERCLASS WITH HANSJORG SCHELLENBERGER - SCHOENBERG, A.: Wind Quintet, Op. 26: II. Anmutig und heiter (Part 2)


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Year of Production: Jan. 2007
Playing Time: 00:41:33
Catalogue Number: RSS9763_2

Professor Schellenberger comments that the students have to feel the pulse in 3 and explains how to play the staccato (shorter) depending on the rhythmical elements of the other instruments. The shoulders have to be relaxed while playing. The professor also explains the dynamics of every part in several moments and the waltz rhythm in a specific passage.

At the end of the masterclass, professor Schellenberger explains the most important aspects of the movement: thematic elements, individual dynamics for each instrument - they have to be as exactly as possible for the whole to be clear. There are connections and correspondences among instruments, which is important to take into account - pay attention to canonical moments. Every sound has to be played with projection, with light.

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