KEEPING SCORE - IVES, C.: Symphony (A): New England Holidays


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- (Disc 1)
Keeping Score - Ives' Holidays Symphony

Catalogue Number: SFS0024

Keeping Score: MTT on Music is a major initiative of the San Francisco Symphony aimed at offering audiences of today a connection to classical music and the powerful emotions it conveys.

Coming of age at the dawn of the twentieth century, Charles Ives saw the halcyon days of his youth fading fast. Not willing to let them go, he invented a striking new musical language to enshrine the feelings and ideals of a simpler time. But many, shocked by passages like the "fireworks" in Fourth of July, found his new-fangled methods at odds with the memories he was trying to preserve. Did Ives go too far? Or did he succeed in turning his memories into music?

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