U2: Achtung Baby - A Classic Album Under Review


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U2: Achtung Baby - A Classic Album Under Review

Year of Production: 2006
Playing Time: 01:14:45
Catalogue Number: SIDVD515
UPC: 823564509495

Achtung Baby was the album that fired U2 into the 90s. Displaying a broader musical palette than before and with a newfound smattering of irony, the four-piece dramatically overhauled their traditional approach to songwriting. The so-called "band of the 80s" were moving on. They now reflected their moods in their music, had loosened up and were taking sonic risks - and every single one paid off.

U2 Achtung Baby: A Classic Album Under Review offers a previously unobtainable level of insight into the band during the recording of their most dynamic and well-respected album. Via the use of live footage, long-forgotten videos and the review, criticism and insight of a panel of highly opinionated experts, this package delivers the finest documentary film yet to emerge on Dublin's favourite sons.

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