SPRINGSTEEN, Bruce: Under Review 1978-1982: Tales Of The Working Man


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Bruce Springsteen: Under Review, 1978-1982 - Tales of the Working Man

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Catalogue Number: SIDVD528
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Although Bruce Springsteen's huge body of work has had its highs and its not-so-highs, there is one distinct period within his career that remains, almost inarguably, his most creative, consistent, and satisfying. We talk of course of the trilogy of albums he released between 1978 and 1982, comprising Darkness On The Edge of Town, The River and Nebraska. Across these records Bruce's storyelling was up there with Steinbeck's, his songs ranked with Dylan's best and the live shows were as exciting as anything James Brown had ever delivered.

This documentary film looks again at these albums and the shows he performed around them and charts Springsteen's journey through this dark but glorious period.

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