BON JOVI: Billion Dollar Quartet (The): Bon Jovi in the Third Millenium


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The Billion Dollar Quartet: Bon Jovi in the Third Millenium

Year of Production: 2008
Playing Time: 01:11:44
Catalogue Number: SIDVD544
UPC: 823564515298

It's hard to believe, but Bon Jovi sprang into existence more than a quarter century ago, and over a quite extraordinary career they have maintained a sound and style that owes little to the music fads and fashions that have come and gone during the same timeframe. To say this unique band are their own men, unfazed by the "competition," is an understatement in the extreme.

This film concentrates on the band's startling rejuvenation during the past decade and their contribution to the music of the third millenium. It was during this time the band released records as powerful and diverse as Crush, Bounce, Have A Nice Day, and Lost Highway. There were also side projects (including further forays into the acting world by JBJ). All of the above and much more are covered in this programme, which in completion provides a fascinating document of their work across this incredible period.

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