WHATEVER HAPPENED TO PINK FLOYD?: The Strange Case of Waters and Gilmour


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Whatever Happened to Pink Floyd?: The Strange Case of Waters and Gilmour
Westbrook, Alex - Television Director

Year of Production: 2010
Playing Time: 01:29:15
Catalogue Number: SIDVD562
UPC: 823564523590

One of the most commercially popular rock groups of the 1970s, Pink Floyd achieved superstar status despite being routinely experimental and downright bizarre. Indeed the group have proven an enormous influence on numerous contemporary bands - stand up Muse, Radiohead, Linkin Park and 100 others - and remain a wholly credible name to drop more than 30 years since punk rock was supposed to have killed off their kind of "progressive nonsense."

So to many, the end of Floyd was all but signalled by The Wall (and its accompanying feature film), both released during punk's dying hours. But the years since that epic double album have been a quite fascinating era for the band and its main axis of creativity, Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour.

This film traces the path Floyd took after the recording of the pre-Wall Animals album - an era when cracks in the band first started to show - and brings the strange story of the group and the intense relationship between Waters and Gilmour right up to date, culminating with the wholly unexpected collaboration of these two maverick musicians at a 2010 charity event. Featuring numerous interviews with Waters, Gilmour, Wright and Mason liberally interspersed with classic and rare performance footage, plus contributions from friends, colleagues and the finest rock journalists, this film also includes seldom-seen photographs, news reports and a host of other features.

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