HERITAGE OF CHINESE CULTURE AND DANCE (THE) - Ethnic Dance: Dai (Documentary, 2016)


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The Heritage of Chinese Culture and Dance - Ethnic Dance: Dai
Chen, Ming - Television Director

Playing Time: 00:12:59
Catalogue Number: T8923DVD
UPC: 709629089235

Located in the southwest region of China, Dai people enjoy mild weather and beautiful landscapes of mountains and lakes. While the water splashing and dragon boating events held in their annual spring festival showcase the close ties between their culture and the land, the water running in the rivers and lakes has often been the inspiration for their dance creations. The dance presentation titled Playing with Water allows the audience to experience vicariously the heat of the sunlight and the crystal clear water streaming though the river. This dance captures the unique body movements of Dai Dance that reflects the cordial and gentle nature of this ethnic group.

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