ZELLER, C.: Vogelhandler (Der) (Seefestspiele Morbisch, 2017)

ZELLER, C.: Vogelhandler (Der) (Seefestspiele Morbisch, 2017)


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- (Disc 1)
Der Vogelhandler
Composer: Zeller, Carl
Libretto/Text Author: Held, L.
Libretto/Text Author: West, Moritz

Adam, Vogelhandler: Berchtold, Bernhard
Baron Weps: Bergmann, Rupert
Baronin Adelaide: Schellenberger, Dagmar
Christel, Postbotin: Fender, Martina
Graf Stanislaus: Mayer, Maximilian
Kurfurstin Marie: Puszta, Elena
Schneck, Dorfschulze: Stangl, Raimund

Set/Stage Designer: Schlossmann, Frank Philipp
Costume Designer: Muller, Armella
Lighting Designer: Erntl, Jurgen
Choreographer: Mahr, Mirko
Stage Director: Kohler, Axel

Date of Production: 2017
Venue: Seefestspiele Morbisch
Playing Time: 02:50:51
Catalogue Number: VLMD023

Great excitement reigns in the royal hunting grounds. The prince has proclaimed his hunt and wants to bag wild pig, and receive a ceremonial maiden. The poaching community, so full of the love of life, are unable to provide both.

The royal master of the hunt, Baron Weps, is willing to present the prince with a tame pig and a widow for a high bribe. But the hunt is cancelled. The baron, who did not wish to return the money, presents his nephew as the prince.

The princess then arrives to catch her husband, in flagranti. At the same time, Adam the bird seller comes to visit his fiancee Christel. Christel wishes to ask the prince to give Adam a job.

A jolly play of mistaken identities, jealousy and love commences.

Part 1

Part 2

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